High quality cold store sandwich panel

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    1 Name:  High quality cold store sandwich panel 

    2Product description:

    • Cool store sandwich panels usually are using metal sheet as finishing surface, and polyurethane (PU),or polyisocyanate (PUR), or polyisocyanurate (PIR) as core material.
    • They are locked together by cam locks on each side of the panels to ensure airtight joints. 
    • Cam-lock design can help to install with the cold rooms tightly and strongly.                                
    • Silica gel are used on the cold room door panel edge of the joint parts of each sandwich panel to ensure perfect sealing to avoid the cooling air leakage from the cool room or moisture inside the insulated panel for the best refrigeration and frozen storage result.

    3Product features & Advantages:

    • Customized design
    • Fire retardant
    • Meets safety requirements
    • Energy saving
    • Longer lifetime
    • Resistant to termites and rodents
    • Easy to install – saving cost of installation time • High performance on insulated panel

    4Specification & Technical standard 



    Standard width960mm, or customized and maximum 1200mm


    as customers' requirements, maximum 12000mm



    ≥ 15ºC


    ≥ 10ºC


    ≥ -15ºC

    150 mm

    ≥ -25ºC

    200 mm

    ≥ -35ºC

    250 mm

    ≥ -45ºC

    The most suitable thickness will be suggested according to the size and temperature requirements, or customers' requirements

    Surface Metal

    0.3~1mm Color steel sheet(pre-painted iron sheet)

    0.4~1mm stainless steel sheet

    0.5~3mm aluminum sheet

    0.5~2mm galvanized steel sheet

    Core material

    PU(polyurethane ) /PUR(polyisocyanate )/PIR(polyisocyanurate)

    Joint system

    Cam lock, tongue & groove, hook & pin

    Technical Standard






    40±2 kg/m3

    40±2 kg/m3

    45±2 kg/m3

    Heat Conductivity

    ≤0.024 W/m. k

    ≤0.024 W/m. k

    ≤0.022 W/m. k

    Compressive Strength

    ≥150 N/cm2

    ≥150 N/cm2

    ≥160 N/cm2

    Combustion performance

    B2 grade

    B2 grade

    B1 grade

    The bond strength between sandwich core layer and panel




    5、Packing & shipping

    • Packaging Details:

                  --Free packing (with normal pallet and packing belt)

                  --Standard exporting packing (wrapped with plastic thin film, wedge protect and good pallet or as customer’ requirements).

    • Peak season lead time: 15days & Off season lead time: 7days.

    6、Production flow 

    7、Main application

    Food(meat, vegetables,fruit,dairy,drink),medicine,chemical,electronics,etc.

    • Cold Storage Room For Cheese 
              The storage temperature kept at 0,the cold panel thickness is 75mm.
    • Cold Storage Room For Vegetable 
              The storage temperature kept at 0,the cold panel thickness is 75mm.
    • Cold Storage Room For Fruit 
              The storage temperature kept at 0,the cold panel thickness is 75mm.
    • Cold Storage Room For Medicine
              The storage temperature kept at -5,the cold panel thickness is 75mm.
    • Cold Storage Room For Beverage
              The storage temperature kept at -5,the cold panel thickness is 75mm.
    • Cold Storage Room For Fish 
              The storage temperature kept at -28,the cold panel thickness is 100mm.

    • Cold Storage Room For Meat 
             The storage temperature kept at -28,the cold panel thickness is 100mm.

    8、Case display 

    9、About us

            Changzhou Polar Bear Cooling Co., Ltd was founded in 1996. Our company is a first-class cold storage insulation materials manufacturer and a cold storage energy-saving program supplier. We focus on the field of cold storage materials and cold storage research and development areas, through years of great-leap-forward development, the company is expanding, now has 28 management staff, 15 technical staff and 170 engineering installation and production staff. The company has established two production bases, covers an area of more than 80 acres, adopt the most advanced in domestic and international third-generation automatic continuous production line, which improves the capacity of production and supply for various types of products. At present, the annual output of our company is thermal insulation materials up to 1.5 million square meters, all kinds of cold storage doors 8, 000 sets, industrial unloading platform 1, 500 sets, all-round to meet the various needs of customers. 

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