Best and cheaper evaporative air cooler

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     1.  Product name: Best and cheaper evaporative air cooler


     2.  Product description 

        The D series air cooled evaporator is a kind of cooling equipment suitable for various cold storages, such as quick frozen, fresh keeping and so on. There are three types available: DL, DD and DJ, which fits for the different cold temperatures. It has compact structure and can make full use of warehouse area, which can make the storage food cool rapidly and improve the freshness of storage food.

        DL type is suitable for fresh-keeping storehouse around 0 degree, DD type is suitable for chiller room around -18 degree, DJ type is suitable for freezer room around -25 degree.


      3.  Product technical data



      4. Product detail




    Blade material:

    Aluminum or stainless steel or Resin

    Casing material:

    Stainless steel or Galvanized steel

    Motor voltage:

    According customer's requirement


    Terminal Box

    Protection Grade:



    Both international and Chinese brand fans available


    High Efficiency pipe




    Tuber OD:

    15MM 12.7MM

    Wall Thickness


    Inside Type:

    Both smooth and grooved

    Geometry Available:

    38.1*33 and 50*50


    Increase inside heat exchange areas of tube and intensity of refrigerant. At least 15% heat transfer efficiency increased







    4.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm


    Standard and blue fin


    Freon and water


    Fin pitches can be customized by user.


      5. Some accessories


      6. Packing & shipping

      Packaging Details: plywood carton

      Lead time for common product: 15 days

      Lead time for customized product: 25 days


       7. Workshop


      8.  Case display

      9. About us

            Changzhou Polar Bear Cooling Co., Ltd was founded in 1996. Our company is a first-class cold storage insulation materials manufacturer and a cold storage energy-saving program supplier. We focus on the field of cold storage materials and cold storage research and development areas, through years of great-leap-forward development, the company is expanding, now has 28 management staff, 15 technical staff and 170 engineering installation and production staff. The company has established two production bases, covers an area of more than 80 acres, adopt the most advanced in domestic and international third-generation automatic continuous production line, which improves the capacity of production and supply for various types of products. At present, the annual output of our company is thermal insulation materials up to 1.5 million square meters, all kinds of cold storage doors 8, 000 sets, industrial unloading platform 1, 500 sets, all-round to meet the various needs of customers. 

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